Opened for your imagination 🌈😏

Hey guys it’s been months, hope you haven’t forgotten about my blog😭.
So I am working on a book, I don’t have a title yet, so this is opened to your imagination.

…… I didn’t always have a pleasant childhood, my dad always said “The women’s place in a house is in the kitchen, because the men are to go to school and work and provide for the family”.I remember like it was yesterday, when my younger brother Javier came back from school with his report card designed with Fs. My dad almost brought the house down with his shouting, I walked in on them and told my dad that I wanted to go to school “Papi I want to go to school, we all know that I am smarter than Javier”, the silence in the room made the graveyard look noisy. Until Javier opened his mouth and said”, Papi she is right, I only have intrest in kitchen ” before I knew it my dad slapped my brother and Javier passed out, then he came towards me(the Lord knows how many times my dad had physically abused me with beatings since the day my mum died because of him) but I came prepared, I had a jack knife and I kept it in my pocket. My dad began to hit me and only the heavens knows when he will stop, so I had to do it. I hit him on the head with the vase that contained my mother’s ashes then I stabbed him multiple times till I was really sure he was dead.
Javier regained consciousness “Cata(Catalina) what have you done?
“hush Javier, you will wake the neighbors we have to figure out a way to get rid of dad’s body, get the bin bag.”
Javier bought the bin bag and I cut my dad’s body into tiny pieces so it will look like we are taking the trash out, I cleaned the palour with some bleach to get rid of finger prints. I took the bin bag to the bushes around 1 am, when people are either sleeping or partying and I set the bin bag ablaze and watched it burn.
I am not a bad person, one person had to die it was either me or my dad(curse his soul).
I doubt if he will be missed because everyone knows what he did to my mum.
“I hope Javier won’t rat me up” these thoughts filled my head as the cold water massages my body, I have to talk to Javier, I finished and went to the palour to see Javier crying.
“look Javier, if anyone ask, dad went out drinking and didn’t come back, I promise I will take care of you.

The story behind Drake’s song- kiki do u love me.

Let’s rewind back to the year 2018. When Drake released the song “kiki do u love me”? There was a girl called Kikelomo who moved to Toronto, Canda from Lagos , Nigeria in 2015 with her family. She lived in Toronto for three years she works at Richmond station, located at 1Richmond st W, Toronto on M5H , 3W4, Canada. Richmond station is a drive in, curbside pickup, no contact delivery . On a particular friday, Drake went to Richmond station to eat as usual he went with his usual disguise dark shades and a face cap with whatever causal outfit he wears. He(Drake) didn’t want to be recognised by anybody he wanted to eat and then bounce , as he sat waiting for a waitress to take his order . Kikelomo came towards him , Drake was struck by her appearance , ( she was so beautiful and her shape was to die for). Kikelomo; Good-day sir, what would u like to order ? Drake : …….( he was still staring at her) kikelomo: Hello( waving her hand ) , sir aren’t u going to order anything? Drake; uhm sorry i would love to have grilled broccoli salad and what’s your name please? Kikelomo : ok …coming right up , my name is Kikelomo but my friends call me “Kiki” . So kiki brought Drake’s order and went to attend to the other customers . After her shift was over she left and couldn’t get a lift🤦. So Drake pulled up and asked where she was going too? she replied North Toronto .From that day Kiki and Drake have been hanging out, and yes she discovered who he was from his voice.Drake couldn’t tell if she loved him because, kikelomo is not the kind of girl you can predict and she got him (Drake) all in his feelings . Their newly found friendship had been going back and forth because, sometimes she hardly replied his messages and answered his calls. All she ever wanted was a picture with Drake because her instagram was weak like a wet tissue . * it just an illusion*.